Scandal Italy

Although Scandal Italy is known for their innovative designs, their standards for quality materials and production reach back generations. Their fabrics are carefully hand-dyed in Italy by some of the oldest and most revered families of craftsmen in the fashion industry. Their pieces are made of only the finest natural materials, including silk, cotton and linen imported worldwide.

Lead designer and Scandal Italy founder Dylan Ifergane grew up immersed in the worlds of fashion and art. Understanding the close connection between the two, he realized many of the fashions that dazzled on the runway were completely unwearable, and that ready-to-wear versions often sacrificed their original artistic edge in favor of “fast fashion” mass appeal. A firm believer that forward-thinking style should be accessible to the world, Mr. Ifergane founded Scandal Italy to cater to discerning individuals who refuse to settle for what’s trending.

Scandal Italy represents the marriage between high-end style and effortless chic.